the sixth season worthy of the Avengers is coming!

A new trailer for the historical anime reveals more about the pinnacle of the battle against the League of Villains.

While the last season of My academic hero highlighted the rise of the League of Villains, it is time for the students of Class 1-A to give a beating to these criminals who threaten Japan. After Overhaul in season 4, Shigaraki Tomura promises to be a formidable opponent who risks taking heavy losses alongside our heroes … Action-packed sixth season prepares for broadcast in the Land of the Rising Sun, then reveals a new announcement on tape that promises Plus Ultra battles!

New excerpts and new opening, the continuation of the adventures of Deku and his friends will begin next October 1st to kick off the fall anime season with a lot of hype. This trailer also has the advantage of not spoiling the story too much. The images shown out of context are enough to arouse curiosity without spoiling the surprise. So you can start watching it without too much risk, but it all depends on your tolerance for disclosure. However, if you’re interested in learning more, we’ve gathered everything you need to know about this new season.

The culmination of an entire arc

Fans have been waiting for it, and now the Paranormal War of Liberation comes to an end soon. After one of the most beautiful tensions, the latest explosive is fast approaching. Kind of like a Avengers: End of the game for Yuei’s students, the comparison promises many twists. Explosions galore, infernal combat and visually stunning powers, the few isolated fragments that have been revealed to us have the merit of attracting attention.

So all that remains is to discover this fundamental event in the universe. My academic hero. Fans of the paper manga remind us constantly: this story arc is a turning point for the characters and their universe. The anime will therefore have the difficult task of adapting these events without getting lost in the heat of the moment, at the risk of providing a much less powerful narrative than usual.

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