The government will process the energy saving decree as a bill

The energy saving decree could advanced. The government is seeking the necessary votes to confirm it this Thursday in the Congress of Deputies in exchange for accepting its processing as bill.

Thus, the CEO of Pedro Sanchez was ready research and incorporation of amendments from other countries Once the decree is approved, as confirmed this Wednesday by the Minister of Transport, Mobility and Urban Programme, Rachel Sanchez, on TV.

This change of position is not new. This already happened last April, when the government was forced, due to lack of support, to process as a bill the anti-crisis decree to deal with the invasion of Ukraine and the rise of inflation. It was a request by the PP to reconsider their vote against, however popular they remained “no” and the decree was approved by the minimum with the support of EH Bildu at the last minute.

From PP, the meaning of their vote in the energy saving decree remains in No. Those in Feijóo will vote against and have already warned that they will not budge if the government does not correct the decree and remove what the PP considers “frivolous”.

“If the government withdraws all frivolous measures, if you choose to protect and help road transport, we will vote yes; but if not, we will vote against,” said this Monday the general coordinator of the PP, Ilia Bendodo.

Pressure on PP

With this in mind, Minister Raquel Sánchez took advantage of her TVE interview to “question the PP and above all Mr. Feijoo to explain Why would you reject these measures?

There is full pressure from the government on the PP to change its position while it talks to the other parties and waits to see what PNV, ERC and EH Bildu decide. In fact, this Tuesday, after the Council of Ministers, the spokeswoman Elizabeth Rodriguez called Feijóo to go to the stations to explain to passengers why he was rejecting the free voucher.

News in update

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