Thanks to Mon Petit Placement, you will forget the Livret A account thanks to real estate

Do you want to invest in an involved and profitable way? Real estate is a good solution. And good news, Mon Petit Placement launches its brand new real estate portfolio and allows you to invest in urban recycling starting at € 500.

The French have no financial education and therefore are afraid to start. Convinced that this is only for experts or the privileged. So they turn to Livret A or other “classic” savings accounts. Despite their guaranteed capital, the latter are not models of low enough percentage profitability when we are in full inflation. Faced with the range of solutions available on the market, it can be difficult to find your way around and make the right choice.

Luckily we found the new nugget to invest in with a small budget and 100% online from your sofa: it’s called Mon Petit Placement! And since the good news never comes alone, French fintech is strengthening its offer this summer, opening the doors to real estate investments starting at 500 euros.

The Mon Petit Placement real estate portfolio has it all. allows you to achieve attractive potential returns with measured risk while investing responsibly. Under the guidance of their experts, you can also take advantage of it. As long as you feel a little bold …

I discover My Little Placement

Investing in stone becomes accessible to everyone

Faced with volatile markets since February 2022, investing in real estate is an excellent solution to invest your capital in an intelligent way.

With the Mon Petit Placement real estate portfolio you can: attractive potential return, with an average performance of 5%, for a measured risk. In addition, we invest in stone and in the urban recycling of vacant properties, without the limits of real estate investments: you can start even with a small budget and without any input. Finally, the choice of the startup’s real estate portfolio ensures that you invest in a committed, peaceful and sustainable way. Indeed, the proposed fund has a dual SRI and Finansol label. So, in addition to growing your money, you are also fighting the housing shortage that is accelerating and accentuating the social divide.

Without a solid knowledge base, starting investing can discourage many people and Mon Petit Placement is well aware of this. That’s why French fintech accompanies you all the way: you are not left alone in the middle of nature. An advisor is at your side to help you develop your investment strategy. Of course you always have the last word.

There is no need for your own contribution or multiple hundreds of thousands of euros thanks to the Mon Petit Placement real estate portfolio. In addition, everything is simplified and fast: you can open your online account in 10 minutes from the comfort of your home. No more stressful and endless appointments with your banker.

The icing on the cake? We were able to get a 30% discount on your commissions in the first year thanks to the promotional code GEEK30. We advise you to take advantage of it as soon as possible, it is only valid for a few hours …

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How do I open my Mon Petit Placement account and get started?

Mon Petit Placement is supported by Apicil and Generali, two very reputable insurers. Furthermore, Mon Petit Placement is only reimbursed based on the success of the placement. In reality, the startup only receives commissions that are deducted if your investment is successful. It is therefore a question of working hand in hand so that everyone wins. Finally, it is without obligation: you can get your money back whenever you want, without justification.

How do I open my account on Mon Petit Placement? It is very simple, you will see.

  • Go to the Mon Petit Placement website by clicking the button here:

I open a Mon Petit Placement account

  • Register and enter the promotional code GEEK30
  • Answer a few questions to identify your profile and discover your personal, free and non-binding video tips

Of course, you have the possibility at any time to modify your strategy together with your advisor. You can also adjust your investments as you wish.

Before embarking on the investment adventure, keep in mind that risks and rewards are closely linked. In this way, Mon Petit Placement offers an investment that is suitable for you, adapted to your goals and the risk you are willing to take and the expected return. Each fintech expert is by your side to guide you through the best choices to minimize risk while maximizing the profit potential of your investment.

A good time to start investing with Mon Petit Placement’s first real estate portfolio, right?

I take advantage of the Mon Petit Placement offer

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