Streaming surpasses cable as top TV consumption method

Nielsen announced Thursday that streaming usage surpassed cable in July, claiming the largest share of TV viewing for the first time, according to The Gauge, Nielsen’s total monthly TV and streaming snapshot. Streaming accounted for a record 34.8% share of total television consumption, while cable and broadcast stood at 34.4% and 21.6% respectively. Streaming usage has surpassed that of previous broadcasts, but this is the first time it surpasses even cable viewing.

Share of total TV consumption by type

Being the biggest engine this month, streaming usage increased + 3.2% compared to June and gained +1.1 action points. Streaming time in July averaged nearly 191 billion minutes per week, and each of the five weeks of measurement in July 2022 now represents five of the six highest-volume streaming weeks ever recorded according to Nielsen.

Sara Fischer for Axios:

Netflix continues to be the leading streaming platform, capturing 7.7% of the total TV consumption share in July.

Traditional TV, which includes both cable and television consumption, still collectively makes up the bulk of TV viewing in the United States, for now.

While the total amount of television consumption has remained constant over the past year, the amount Americans have streamed has increased by 22.6%, compared to a drop of 8.9% and 9.8% respectively. % in cable and transmissions.

Note from MacDailyNews: According to Nielsen, among streaming distributors, Prime Video, Netflix, Hulu, and YouTube again gained record shares in July after doing so earlier in June. Netflix accounted for the largest share of overall TV viewing for a streaming platform with 8%, boosted by the nearly 18 billion watch minutes of Stranger thingssupplemented by the nearly 11 billion minutes of combined viewing of virgin river And The Umbrella Academy.

Cable viewing in July fell -2% and -0.7 share points compared to June and year-over-year cable usage fell -8.9% and -3.3 share points.

Apple TV + is currently included in Nielsen’s “Other Streaming” category:

Source: The Nielsen Company
Source: The Nielsen Company

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