Sonic Frontiers confirms release date after the leak

Despite a last-minute leak, SEGA manages to surprise with unedited footage of Sonic’s new adventures.

The blue hedgehog may be supersonic, but it won’t be able to catch the flaw in time. A few hours after the launch of the Gamescom opening ceremony, a Japanese trailer for Sound limits appeared on YouTube. Some images were leaked, but the biggest surprise was spoiled: the release date of the new title will appear on the networks before the official announcement. And for this November 8, 2022 that Sonic will arrive on consoles and PC. A blow to the studio and its mascot, but luckily SEGA still had surprises in its arsenal.

In fact, the short trailer that made the trunk upstream of the official presentation showed nothing we hadn’t already seen. A few snippets of Sonic enjoying his brand new open world weren’t enough to pique our curiosity. As for Gamescom, however, SEGA has planned a substantial trailer with exclusive content. First revelations about the history and discovery of potential antagonists, in other words, fans of the blue hedgehog are spoiled for choice.

Mystery and chewing gum

One thing is for sure, game teams intend to keep the mystery behind their game’s story alive. This trailer titled “Story Trailer(listen to the story trailer) is careful not to give us too much information about the universe that players will soon be able to explore. This excerpt introduces us to “a mysterious strangerWhich appears to be powered by the same energy as the world’s infrastructure Sound limits. Although presented as an antagonistnothing is ever that simple in the hedgehog’s adventures and this enigmatic character will likely keep his share of surprises.

As for the gameplay graphics, the pace of the game seems to have been correct and the battles feel more dynamic. Would the studio listen to the complaints of the players? In June, Sonic Team manager Takashi Iisuka said fans didn’t understand what he was trying to achieve in the game. It is therefore difficult to know if any changes have been made or if the title is finally revealing its potential as its development draws to a close. It won’t take long to go through with it Sound limits arrives November 8 on PlayStation, Xbox, PC and Nintendo Switch.

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