Cristiano Ronaldo calls mother of autistic child who attacked: ‘I felt scared’

“He’s the most arrogant person I’ve ever spoken to.” so describes Sarah Kelly the conversation you spoke with on the phone Cristiano Ronaldo. She is the mother of JacobA 14-year-old autistic football fan who was punched by the Portuguese and broke his mobile phone after a match last season.

Sarah spoke A mirror from this episode, which has already cost Ronaldo a “conditional reprimand”. The mother believes that the penalty of a fine of 200 pounds is insufficient and has announced that she will take the footballer to court. Man United.

The incident happened a few months ago when Cristiano left the pitch visibly angry after his team’s defeat by Everton (1-0). So much so that he slapped the child’s cell phone and destroyed it. He then publicly apologized and invited Jacob to Old Traffordan offer his mother rejected.

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Since then, the conflict has continued as the mother refuses to settle the matter privately, as Ronaldo has attempted. Sarah says that only a day after what happened, she got a call from Cristiano, inviting her to meet him.

When he refused, the response he received was: ‘Do you know who Cristiano Ronaldo is?’ to the boy in the newspaper. A mirror. Two days later he received another call, this time from Cristiano himself on the other end of the phone.

Sarah Kelly's message after Cristiano Ronaldo's accident with her 14-year-old son

Sarah Kelly’s message after Cristiano Ronaldo’s accident with her 14-year-old son

Sarah’s story shows the conversation she had with him five times The golden ball: “He asked me if I would like to come and meet his family. He said, “I’m not a bad father.” I said, “I never said you were a bad father.” He said, “I had a terrible upbringing, I lost my father.” I said to him, “Everyone has a sad story, Ronaldo. I lost my father was young, I had cancer,” says the woman.

Sarah was left frustrated after her argument with Cristiano: “He kept calling me Jack and he didn’t even know my name and I told him, ‘My name is Sarah’ and he said, ‘Oh Sarah, I’m sorry’.. He also never referred to Jacob by name, he was always “the boy.” “I know the kid has problems,” the soccer player told her, the woman said. “I told him, ‘He doesn’t have a problem, he has a disability. You’re the one with the problem.’

“My son has no problem, he has a disability. You’re the one with the problem’

Sarah Kelly, of Cristiano Ronaldo

The statement continued: “He said he did not ‘kick, kill or hit anyone.’ the police are dealing with it.”

Sarah Kelly believes Cristiano Ronaldo “got away with it” despite being reprimanded by the police. For this reason, he will take legal action against the Portuguese and Manchester United: “I want to see justice because there was none. I want him to be held accountable for what he did. The only way to get justice is to keep fighting,” he said. The conflict will continue.

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