SAIF U-17 Championship: India won the title, defeating Nepal 4-0 in the final. football news

India made a clinical demonstration to claim the SAFF U-17 championship title by defeating 10 Nepalese men 4-0 in the final at the International Stadium Hippodrome in Colombo, Sri Lanka on Wednesday, September 14, 2022. With this victory, India won the title. Bobby Singh, Korou Singh, captain Vanlalpeka Guite and Aman each scored one goal to record a resounding victory for the Indian team. Nepal beat India 3-1 in the group. However, in the final, India was a team eager to take charge of the process with the password. They come out of the wall at the beginning of the game, looking for an opening in the defense of Nepal, and manage to take the lead in the 18 ‘with Bobby, who, after a good play, leads into the goal on the away post. . Between Ricky Meitei and Vanlalpeka Guit, the latter who scored a cross towards the top scorer of the final.

12 minutes later, Guite is in trouble again, with another assist to his name, as he plays a through ball to Koru Singh, who just needs to score the keeper and put him home.

The second goal caused Nepal to start attacking India’s half court more quickly, but the Indian midfield was managing to thwart their efforts. Disappointment surfaced in the 39th minute when Nepal captain Prashant Laxham nudged Danny Laishram in the back after the two got involved in a challenge, an action which was awarded a red card directed by the referee. .

With Man Advantage, India followed the remainder of the first half before resuming the proceedings after a change at the end. Soon, Guate, who had provided the first two assists, scored a goal all of his own in the 63rd minute when his cross from the left went into the top corner, putting India ahead by three goals.

Second-half Nepal substitute Dhan Singh created some chances for his side in the final minutes, but a one-man lead meant India were able to thwart the attempt.

On the other hand, Indian substitute Aman in the second half put salt on his injuries in injury time, scoring the fourth goal, after the Nepal defense was put behind.


The result was beyond doubt until the end as India successfully defended their title. India captain Vanlalpeka Guite was voted the most valuable player of the tournament, while goalkeeper Sahil won the award for best goalkeeper.

Coach Bibiano Fernandes praised the effort of his boys. “I am very proud of my boys. A lot of hard work has been done and every support staff and player deserve the same credit. The AIFF’s commitment to providing us with continuous exhibition tours at a youth level has helped SAI to mature the boys. helped it happen “.

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