Feijoo insists on the great “political significance” of Grignan’s sentence and accuses Sanchez of arrogance

The leader of the NP, Alberto Nunes Feijoo, criticized Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez for reacting with “arrogance” after the Supreme Court verdict against the former Socialist presidents Jose Antonio Grinan and Manuel Chavez in the case of ERE, where this decision is of “huge political importance”.

The opposition leader criticized Pedro Sánchez’s statements in late July, immediately after learning of the decision, saying he was “simply paying for the wrongdoers”. “And who are the sinners who didn’t pay?” asked Feihoo in an interview with Europe Press.

The Galician politician assured that the sentence was the same as if Asnar and Rajoy had been sentenced to disqualification or to prison. “This is undoubtedly an act of enormous political importance.

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Likewise, Feijoo reiterated that he has “no interest” in seeing a former president of the PSOE, a former minister and a former president of the Andalusian government in prison. “I assure you, I have no interest in that.” Not political, and still less personal.’

With all this, the opposition leader has failed to acknowledge whether he knows about the possible pardon the government is preparing for Grignan because no one has contacted them. Something that surprises you.

Feijoo insisted that the government has not “commented anything directly or indirectly” about this possible PP pardon. “I am deeply sorry for the situation Mr Grignan’s family is in, I assure you,” he added.

“I have no interest in seeing Jose Antonio Grignan in prison. What I can assure you is that the level of arrogance of the socialist government in relation to this situation is an aggravating factor for Mr Grignan’s situation. This is a political aggravating circumstance,” he concluded.


In the same interview, the PP leader did not clarify whether he is in favor of updating pensions according to the Consumer Price Index (CPI) next year. In fact, he explained that the PP will make a proposal on pensions once it knows what Pedro Sánchez’s government is proposing to Brussels.

“When I make the proposal, I will be able to tell you what ours is. But I already foresee that ours includes reducing inflation, yes or yes, and reducing public spending, yes or yes, although there is not enough for everything,” said Fe .

On economic matters, Feijoo criticized that Spain is the country that “increased its public debt the most in the last four years, by 20% more than GDP, when the EU measure is 10%”.

Similarly, he criticized Spain’s failure to recover its pre-pandemic GDP, as has happened in “most European countries”.

Election Super Sunday in May

In this interview before the start of the political course, Feijo assured that his goal is to “restore the large majorities” from the governments of José María Aznar and Mariano Rajoy.

For this reason, if it reaches government, it will repeal socialist laws such as the Law of Democratic Memory, make changes to the Trance Law and the PSOE’s education legislation initiated by the Celaá Law.

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Asked whether he believed Sánchez would exhaust the legislature or opt for a “Super Sunday” election in May, along with regional and municipal governments, Feijoo predicted that it “will be decided between Sánchez and Tezanos,” but did not rule out that he too may consider doing them jointly.

“Yes will use the greatest public recognition and the greatest political craft of the regional chairmen and to many PSOE mayors in May to try to sneak a general election? I guess you might be thinking about it. The fact that socialist presidents and socialist mayors like to coincide at that time with the general elections, the ones I know do not”, he claims.

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