Biden’s Marijuana Simplification Is ‘Wrong Signal’ About Rising Crime: WSJ

US President Joe Biden’s latest criminal pardon
convicted of possession of marijuana under federal law is minimized
the dangers of drug use and “sent the wrong signal to the country
at the wrong time,” The Wall Street Journal wrote, as quoted by Trend

Biden announced on Thursday that he was pardoning all the previous ones
federal crimes for simple possession of marijuana, while the United States
States have been criticized for pushing to legalize marijuana
on a national scale.

However, “federal convictions for marijuana offenses are typical
not for mere possession,” the paper wrote in an opinion piece,
adding that the federal government is actually “under-reacting.”
illegal use of marijuana.

“Illicit drug use is a catalyst for crime, which is on the rise
even as states across the country have liberalized their marijuana
laws,” it noted.

As today’s marijuana is getting stronger and young people are using it
more often, “with greater use has come an associated increase in
mental health issues and crime,” he adds.

“If President Biden really wanted to do something about it
problems facing our cities and states – rising crime, addiction
and overdose deaths—he might have done something to prevent
illegal drug use,” the article said.

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