Watch: Ankle-stricken woman names her grandparents, their reaction is priceless

This video shared on June 5th is going viral on the internet

A woman named Augustina Wetzel inked her grandparents name on her ankle in a viral video. The clip shows Ms. Wetzel showing her grandparents her tattoo and they filmed their reaction. Seeing the tattoo, Grandpa cried bitterly and immediately hugged him, then flaunted her tattoo to his grandmother.

Yesterday he had asked his grandparents to write his name on a piece of paper. She then took him to her signature tattoo parlor to complete the surprise.

This video shared on June 5th is going viral on the internet. When translated into English, the caption read: “I asked my grandparents to write me their names ‘for a hands-on project in college’, but they actually had to tattoo me and I will keep your comments forever.

Watch the video here:

The internet loved the woman’s gesture for her grandparents and touched many social media users. This video has been viewed more than 3 million times on Twitter to date.

One user wrote: “Grandpa is really the best! For 20 years I have missed me every day. Enjoy every moment with the lucky ones ”. Another user wrote: “Very nice”. “Oh,” …

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