Apple, Amazon pass on LIV Golf broadcast rights

In early August, we were wondering if Apple (or Amazon) could clearly see its way to a deal to stream live LIV Golf events without commercial breaks, as Apple already does with Major League Friday Night Baseball. Baseball and will do so with the upcoming exclusive 10-year deal to stream every single Major League Soccer match live starting in 2023.

Will Apple TV + Seek To Get LIV Golf Streaming Agreement?

At the time, we speculated that LIV Golf was likely very susceptible to a fond affair to gain a real media presence that Apple (or Amazon) could have used to their advantage at the negotiating table.

Unfortunately, both Apple and Amazon would have renounced the acquisition of the broadcasting rights of LIV Golf.

Andrew Beaton and Joe Flint for the Wall Street Journal:

LIV Golf has attracted some of the world’s most famous golfers to its new golf league, but is having a much harder time finding a major US media partner to broadcast its tournaments. and Apple have both transferred media rights to LIV Golf, people familiar with the matter said, leaving the Saudi-backed circuit with a dwindling number of options.

The two tech giants were approached by LIV to potentially bring its events to their streaming platforms, but neither expressed interest and the deals never came to serious negotiations, people said.

Additionally, LIV has been unable to strike a deal with networks including ESPN, CBS, NBC and Fox, people familiar with the matter said.

A LIV Golf executive said it was too early to characterize someone as firmly in the mix or still out. LIV is starting to enter the auction phase for its media rights, the executive said, ahead of the circuit’s first full season in 2023, when it plans to strike a deal, with a significant stake in the rights.

LIV has gone crazy with a number of high profile personalities for their productions. Longtime commentator David Feherty, who previously played golf on NBC and CBS, is part of a broadcast team that includes play-by-play announcer Arlo White, who had previously named Premier League matches English.

MacDailyNews takes: A US deal for LIV Golf broadcast rights will come in 2023, with or without Apple.

For now, you can watch LIV events live, ad-free, via YouTube here and also via the LIV Golf website:

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