Activists plan demo for King’s Wales visit

A protest against the monarchy is expected during King Charles III’s first visit to Wales since he took the throne.

Organizers said the silent protest will begin Friday at 1pm at Cardiff Castle.

The castle is one of three places Charles will visit on his one-day visit to the capital and where he will meet charities and religious leaders after having a private audience with Prime Minister Mark Drakeford.

Rally attendees must stand and hold signs with slogans such as “Why a Monarchy? And” Real Democracy Now “.

Activists say they want the Welsh public to consider whether a future without the monarchy is possible.

They asked the Welsh government and Cardiff Council to ask the South Wales police to respect their democratic right to protest, following arrests and threats of action against people with signs saying “No my king” in other cities.

Bethan Sayed, an activist and former Welsh MP, said: “As soon as King Charles III decided to announce that Prince William would become Prince of Wales, so soon after the Queen’s death, many of us wondered. felt compelled to answer.

“We have to discuss the future of Wales and how we want it to be.

“People tell us that now is not the time to discuss this issue, however, when the monarchy moves from incumbent to a new king, that is exactly the time to discuss this issue.

“It’s about fairness, equality and Wales that we want to shape for future generations.”

Speaking to PA, Sayed added: “It’s always a difficult time and we totally appreciate it. We all have a family that has died.

“So we have no intention of creating problems, but we want our rights to remain and express a different point of view so that they are respected.

“Because it is completely legitimate if we really call ourselves a democracy.”

A number of groups are joining the protest under the banner of Real Democracy Now, including trade unions, Welsh independence organizations and Republicans.

However, Sayed said anyone can participate, including those who want to protest against imperialism.

Plaid Cymru’s independence party leader Adam Price said a debate on the issue should take place “in due course”.

The party believes that in an independent Wales, people should have the right to vote on whether or not a member of the royal family should remain as head of state.

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