2022 World Series Update: Why Is Houston Astros Manager Dusty Baker Wearing Black Gloves?

Dusty Baker is known for his experience managing professional baseball teams since 1993. Baker, 73, has not been an MLB player in 36 years; however, he still remains relevant in the industry by being the manager of the Houston Astros. He’s been seen fielding balls and stealing bases by being with players. Dusty is the manager of the Houston Astros and is well known as the best at his job. You may have seen him wearing the blue and orange wristband along with his Fitbit. Undoubtedly, he monitors his physical activity. But what about the black rubber gloves Baker wears on game nights? What is his secret?

Over the years, fans have noticed him donning these black gloves and have always wondered what the reason could be. So why is manager Dusty Baker always spotted wearing black gloves? The manager himself has spoken out and the reason will surprise you.

Why does Dusty Baker keep wearing black gloves?

Dusty Baker is an inspiration to fans. The publicist grew up as an active member of the sports community. He is also a keen observer and ensures that his players play their best game on the pitch. However, aside from his achievements on the field, fans have recently noticed some changes. Dusty is repeatedly seen wearing black gloves. But what is the significance of the black gloves?

why does the dusty baker wear gloves
why does the dusty baker wear gloves

Dusty has a habit of constantly spitting. So when the COVID-19 pandemic disrupted our way of life, Dusty’s wife and mother was worried, as this habit could indeed lead to the spread of the virus. With the mandate to wear masks when in group settings, it was initially a challenge for Dusty, who had an unstoppable habit of spitting.

When speaking to The Athletic, the manager said, “Now the biggest challenge will be what my mother has been pushing me to do all my life – spitting. no kidding That’s the first thing my wife asked me. She says, “How are you going to stop spitting?” I don’t know.” “I’ve been practicing spitting, too. I’m the most accurate spitter in the world.

Also, Dusty likes to chew on toothpicks when the game gets tense. Thus, with the final unmasking of the mandate, the governor had more than one reason to rejoice.

In addition, the manager also wears black gloves, which he continues to wear during the match. It started from the 2020 games when the pandemic was at its peak. When asked why he still continued to wear the gloves, the manager said his wife asked him to.

In 2021, he told The Houston Chronicle, “I’m still wearing a mask because I had cancer 20 years ago and I had a stroke seven years ago,” “Some of the fans got on me, ‘Take off your mask.'” … You don’t have to wear it, but it’s in my best interest to wear it .

Baker had prostate cancer in 2002 and 10 years later suffered a small stroke. So he was at high risk of contracting COVID-19 if proper precautions were not taken. It goes without saying that his wife made the right decision for the sake of her husband’s health.

Homer talks about a different reason behind Dusty wearing black gloves

In 2012, Dusty often wore wristbands and used them to wipe sweat with them. Of course, if you’re playing in the heat, you’re going to sweat a lot and need something to keep yourself clean. He was wiping his forehead with the wrist he was wearing.

But Homer thinks his gloves have nothing to do with keeping his forehead dry. homer said “I think he makes the wrists and the toothpicks because he was a player.” “Bobby Cox wore studs for years and nobody gave them to him [grief] for that. And he won’t be sliding into third base anytime soon.

Homer thinks that after spitting, chewing on a toothpick, and then putting on gloves, the manager is here to keep the spirit of old-school baseball in the audience. Although it is speculation, the statement had quite a lot of value to him.

Well, Dusty himself has clarified the real reason he wears the black gloves. COVID-19 may no longer be a threat, but Dusty wants to be safe for the sake of his family. So, write down when and where Baker wears his gloves and you’ll learn everything.

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