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About 200 people from different organizations supporting some of Winnipeg’s most vulnerable people joined forces in a march on Saturday. It was a sign that they are ready to work together even more to help those in need, working to reduce crime.

Kevin Walker with Bear Clan Patrol organized the event, in part, so that groups like Downtown Community Safety Partnership, Mama Bear Clan and Ogihiita Pimatisiwin Kinamatawin (OPK) could support each other in the future, he said. he declares.

“For me, this has been happening for a while now, because of COVID, you know, all the organizations have suffered for the volunteers,” Walker told Global News on Saturday. “It gives us the opportunity to network with other organizations, to see what they are doing, how we can help them, how they can help us.”

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More than five organizations and their volunteers showed up, such as Frederick Thomas with Central Park Foot Patrol.

“It was quite difficult during the pandemic,” Thomas said. “In our group, we (were) only three who went out on a regular basis, and now we’re starting to rebuild.”

Thomas hopes that Saturday’s walk will inspire others to get involved.

“More people watch and watch, keeping the community safe, I think this will hold some violence.”

This summer, a number of young citizens were charged with serious crimes, including two murders that rocked the Point Douglas neighborhood last week.

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This is something more feet and resources on the ground could help alleviate, said CommUNITY 204 founder Daniel Hidalgo.

“They have no mentoring. They are not guided, but more importantly, they don’t have a positive sense of belonging, ”Hidalgo said.

Meanwhile, Walker is optimistic that their power in numbers will also reassure the Winnippegers of their commitment to making the community safer and stronger.

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Bear Clan Food Bank feeds hundreds of needy Winnipeggers every day

Bear Clan Food Bank feeds hundreds of needy Winnipeggers every day – July 13, 2022

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