Why did April leave Chicago Med? Will she return in season 8?

The character of April Sexton, played by Yaya DaCosta, has deeply affected the lives of fans. April first made an impression when audiences got to know her in Season 1 of “Chicago Med” as an emergency room nurse. After working with and helping Maggie (Marlene Barrett) and Dr. Ethan Choi (Brian Tee), April and Ethan developed feelings for each other. They moved in together as the season progressed and became engaged, but the engagement was suddenly called off due to multiple failed IVF treatments and an unforgivable infidelity.

In all six seasons of “Chicago Med,” April was portrayed as an extremely empathetic nurse. April’s character felt right at home, and when she announced she was leaving the show, fans couldn’t bring themselves to say goodbye. So why did April leave “Chicago Med”? Here’s the answer fans have been craving.

April Sexton left “Chicago Med” in season 6

Viewers were given a great reason for April to leave “Chicago Med.” Fans saw the character leave the show in “Chicago Med” Season 6, which gave her so much identity. As she was leaving, it was shown that April had been accepted into a nurse practitioner program, and for that reason, she left Chicago Medical Center to pursue her career goals. The creators ensured that April’s departure was shown naturally, along the path of her career trajectory. While there were a few loose ends, the state of Ethan’s relationship was also left unfinished.

Why did April leave Chicago Med?
Why did April leave Chicago Med?

During the season 6 finale of “Chicago Med,” it was shown that after Ethan’s surgery, he worked to see April take care of him. April expressed her feelings and how she tried to get away from him but failed. Ethan also admitted that he still loved her, but then April revealed that she had been accepted into the nursing program. This was the main reason April left Chicago Med.

Will April return to ‘Chicago Med’?

The entire season 7 passed without April. Fans sorely missed April’s character, which was so empowering. But during the season 8 premiere of “Chicago Med,” we got a surprise return. Yes, April was seen again. April returned to the show to the audience’s sigh of relief.

But how did she get brought back to Chicago Med?

The character’s re-introduction was unusual, as Ethan ran into April when he went to his father’s grave.

When he saw April, Ethan was shocked. april said “I saw your father’s obituary,” “I was going to come to the service. I wasn’t sure… I didn’t want it to be awkward.’

Ethan’s father died in season 7, which was a great way to bring back a character who is so closely connected to Ethan’s life. April’s lover asked if she was back in Chicago. But to his dismay, she said she would only come back after completing her NP program. The former couple talked about how Ethan has made a full recovery and then discussed Ethan’s family.

April continued to ask, “You’re not married, are you?” and Ethan clarified that he was still single and then asked about April’s marital status. And of course she replied “No”.

Why did Yaya DaCosta leave the show ‘Chicago Med’?

Well, in a recent interview with Deadline, Yaya DaCosta talked about her unexpected departure from “Chicago Med” after six successful seasons. However, the star was quick to clarify that he had nothing to do with the decision, as it was all a creative decision. During the TCA panel, she clarified, “My departure from Chicago Med and the arrival of this show happened really simultaneously. Not much to say about it. There was a window and a question mark about whether to stay or leave,” “And in that window, I fell in love with Our Kind of People and jumped at the opportunity to work with Lee Daniels again. I first worked with him years ago on The Butler.

Although Yaya missed out on playing the role of April Sexton, many new opportunities opened up for her soon after leaving. Now that she’s back, we know how excited every “Chicago Med” fan is to see Ethan and April explore their relationship. Now, one thing that still confuses fans is if April is in every episode like in previous seasons or is it just a guest appearance? Well, as the story progresses, we will have more clarity. But we are sure that the makers have made a pretty tight script that will keep the fans excited to unfold all the different chapters. So April Sexton’s character will no longer be missed.

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