Vox ruled out the possibility of Olona creating another party and distanced himself from his Camino de Santiago appointment

Vox sources ruled out this possibility to EL ESPAÑOL: “She knows very well that people are following someone Santiago Abascal. And if he wanted to start from scratch, he knows he would add very few followers.”

To date, no member of the national leadership is expected to attend next Monday’s meeting. In some sectors, in fact, Olona’s message it didn’t sit well at allso they admit: “This is to continue to fuel all the controversy that was generated around his departure.”

Since the woman from Alicante resumed her activity on social networks, her name has been trending. Many of his followers, in addition to sending messages of support, have encouraged him to continue his political career at Vox, something that also seems unlikely, this newspaper’s sources said.


The response to the tweet in which Olona extended the invitation to his followers, with more than 8,200 likes, about 2,300 retweets and about 1,500 replies, heralded a massive call.

In the entourage of the party leader, Santiago Abascal, remain ignorant of the purpose of Olona’s initiative. They also downplay it by framing it process to overcome health problems which forced her to retire from politics almost a month ago.

Confusion is the dominant note. Vox’s spokesperson at the Congress of Deputies, Ivan Espinosa de los Monterosasked by EL ESPAÑOL limited himself to the answer: “I have nothing to say, really, to add to that.”

The state prosecutor will be able to measure her strength and leadership after she was questioned following the results of the Andalusian elections. Her appointment as a candidate divided the party, as there were those who preferred to leave her in the Congress of Deputies.

take out the notoriety

In the end, Abascal appointed her as a candidate, and there are those who point out that this risky decision is a response to the intention to reduce her importance in national politics, an extreme that the national leadership strongly denies.

What they admit is that during the Andalusian campaign Olona had “fights” with the national leadership for the strategy it pursued which ultimately failed.

A few weeks after the start of the legislative power in the parliament of Andalusia and after Vox was given an irrelevant role, despite the increase in the number of votes and seats, the then speaker announced his departure “for medical reasons”.

[Olona, sobre su salida: ‘Mi lealtad con los españoles incluye mi silencio sobre cuestiones internas de Vox’]

As it became clear, then several doctors recommended him to stop his activity. Apparently, he suffered several anxiety attacks due to his high level of self-demand. She abandoned politics and assured that will return to the administration as a state attorney.

Since then, he has not stopped receiving signs of affection from his followers, to whom he now addressed: “With every message, encouraging word, hug, you mark my footsteps. I walk with your hand. I’m walking to you. Where I want to be.”

The Way of Santiago

On August 29 at half past seven in the morning, he will walk the popular Christian route. The starting point will be the Galician city of Saria, 111 kilometers from the tomb of the apostle.

It must be remembered that Olona, ​​so that no admirer would be left wanting to go to her, promised to bear the cost if it is difficult not to do it – the way – is economic”.

The former politician, according to a publication, staged his public reappearance on a recent trip to Panama. He moved there to attend a funeral in honor of his deceased father, who had close ties to the country.

On this visit, the last thing Olona expected was to meet various people who had marked her life. For example, a Galician “based in Panama and ambassador there on the Camino de Santiago” with whom he bowed “at the feet of the Holy apostle, patron saint of Spain”, who – admits – has guided their ‘next steps’.

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