Video: Customers flee the store while it was closed due to a case of Covid

China.- Shoppers at an IKEA store in Shanghai, China panicked and rushed out after the city’s health authorities ordered the store closed after close contact of a covid-infected was detected on the spot. 19. on August 13, local media reports.

Several videos posted on social media show customers screaming and pushing each other in an attempt to escape the building before the doors close.

In a press conference, Shanghai Health Commission Deputy Director Zhao Dandan said that the store and the affected area are “closed circuit” and that all people within it should spend two days of quarantine and another five days of quarantine. health surveillance, in accordance with the epidemic prevention guidelines issued by the authorities.

The closure of the shop was enforced under China’s “zero covid” policy, characterized by mass testing and quarantine and the use of a system of “health codes” to control people’s movements and curb the spread of the virus. .

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