There is no reason why large fish kill on the Oder

Deadly water, dead fish and fear: a trip to the Oder

Hundreds of dead fish have been pulled out of the water by people living on the border between Germany and Poland. However, no one knows what causes the environmental disaster. Most of the politicians they lead are disappointed.

Harald Janzen knows technology, the smell of water and the best fishing spots. He grew up on the Oder. “I learned to swim here as a child,” says a blind, emaciated man, pointing to a nearby beach. The people of the Mescherin village in northeastern Brandenburg have always had a river. Anger and bitterness are written on their faces. “It’s very sad what happened,” Janzen says. He recently caught a 1.6 meter fish. “A fisherman only catches a fish like this once in his life. Now he is dead in the river.

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