The Williamson County Fair expects more sold-out shows during the second event

TAYLOR, Texas (KXAN) — Williamson County Fair Association leaders say the event is likely to have not one, but two sold-out shows this weekend, doubling the success seen during its inaugural event last year.

Scott Hesselmeier, president of the Williamson County Fair Association, said the addition of “Tejano Night” to the fair’s Friday entertainment lineup will likely fill the expo center’s arena along with the rodeo and other attractions.

The evening, featuring Tejano musicians and traditional Mexican dancers, precedes the fair’s final night, which will similarly feature country musicians and sell out in 2021, Hesselmeier said.

Heselmeyer said another sold-out show is expected this Saturday night, continuing the success of the young event.

“When you get 3-4,000 people in one place, we’re going to have a big economic impact,” Hesselmeier said.

This year’s fair is also one day longer than the 2021 event; started on wednesday and continues till saturday.

Hesselmeier said “Family Night,” which debuted Wednesday, is an effort to give families a kid-friendly environment to enjoy the festivities.

Hesselmeyer said with these new theme nights and an additional day of events, the 2022 fair and rodeo, will likely lead to increased attendance.

A Williamson County spokesman said 13,000 people attended last year’s Williamson County Fair and Rodeo.

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