The blue lock behind the voice actors is now revealed!

Captain Tsubasa is probably the best title for soccer enthusiasts when it comes to sports manga, but recent years have brought us some new, intriguing titles like DAYS and Aoashi, as well as Blue Lock, which is the most current title on this list.

In October 2022, we finally had the pleasure of witnessing the anime adaptation of the intriguing new football manga Blue Lock. We chose to discuss the amazing voice actors of Blue Lock in this article.

The most significant Blue Lock symbols that appear in the anime series, along with the voice actors who play them, are listed below. Here’s a quick recap before we discuss each character in turn:

Character Japanese voice actor
Yoichi Isagi Kazuki Hooray
Meguru Bechara Tasuku Kaito
Rensuke Kunigami Yuki Ono
Hyoma Chigiri Soma Saito
Wataru Kwon Masatomo Nakazawa
Jingo Raichi Yoshitsugu Matsuoka
Yudai Imamura Shoya Chiba
Jin Gagamaru Shugo Nakamura
Asahi Naruhaya Daishi Kajita
Okuhito Yemon Ryunosuke Watanuki
Gurimu Igarashi Aoi Ichikawa
Ryosuke Kira Kenichi Suzumura
Jinpachi Ego Hiroshi Kamiya
Henri Thayery Eri Yukimura
Showey Barrow Junichi Suwabe
Zantetsu Tsurugi Kazuyuki Okitsu
Seishiro Nagi Nobunaga Shimazaki
Reo Mikage Yuma Uchida
Icky Nico Natsuki Hanae
Junichi Wanima Ryota Suzuki
Keisuke Wanima Ryota Suzuki
Sae Itoshi Takahiro Sakurai
Rin Itoshi Koki Uchiyama
Jubei Aryu Katsuyuki Konishi
Aoshi Tokimitsu Shinnosuke Tachibana

Yoichi Isagi

Isagi is a fairly tall teenager with moderate muscle tone, though he gains strength over time. In the manga, he has short dark blue hair; in the anime it’s black. Her blue eyes are framed by V-shaped hair. He wore a white undershirt, a striped tie, and an unbuttoned jacket at Ichinan High School.

Meguru Bachira

Meguru Bachira is a member of the Z team. He has golden eyes and black hair. He is quirky and flamboyant, from Chiba Prefecture, and has a tendency to sing while talking. Although he has a pleasant personality, when he plays, he becomes mean. Since he was a child, he has always been a big fan of football, but his peers did not share this enthusiasm and therefore he was teased for being a strange child.

Rensuke Kunigami

A kunigami has a strong sense of morality. He can be quite serious about his football career, training and lifestyle, but he also knows when to relax and have fun. He is considered level-headed but quite passionate when it comes to football. He can also be as logical and cautious as Raichi, with whom he often has disagreements.

Hyoma Chigiri

Team Z’s soccer player, Hioma Chigiri, is perhaps the best of the bunch after Isagi. She has pink hair and pink eyes. He views Isagi as a competitive enemy because they both want to be the best strikers in the world. He previously suffered a knee injury and although he was able to recover, he was unable to fully utilize his striking abilities due to the worry of another injury.

Wataru Kwon

Team Z’s Wataru Kuon is a member. Although he was essentially the one who kept the gang together in the beginning, he gives the impression of being helpful and compassionate when in fact he is cunning and manipulative. He tried to betray his colleagues in the match against Team W, giving the victory to the opponents to establish himself as his team’s top scorer.

Blue Lock Behind The Voice Actors
Blue Lock Behind The Voice Actors

Jingo Raichi

Soccer player Jingo Raichi plays for Team Z. He is a white-haired brawler who often uses foul language to express himself. He is short-tempered and uses any excuse to pass himself off as a football player. Although he does not have very strong finishing abilities, he is constantly searching for the target.

Yudai Imamura

Yudai Imamura is a soccer player from Team Z who is characterized as a womanizer by his colleagues. Since his abilities on the field won’t really stand out compared to those of the other members that won’t be mine, he’s effectively passed over in the second selection.

Gurimu Igarashi

Young Gagamaru is extremely tall and has long black hair that has been pulled back into a bun and has since been dyed blonde. Gagamaru is wearing Blue Lock’s signature bodysuit (gray with black stripes) and tracksuit. He donned Team Z’s blue #6 jersey and gray Team Z soccer cleats for the first pick.

Asahi Naruhaya

Team Z’s soccer player is Asahi Naruhai. He is a young man with blond hair who wants to play professional football because it will help him and his siblings live better now that their parents have passed away. He is well aware of his limitations and, despite his best efforts, is aware that he lacks talent as a footballer.

Okuhito Yemon

Team Z’s soccer player is named Okuhito Yemon. Yemon is a tall black haired boy with a good heart. Despite his lack of talent, he performed admirably as a goalkeeper in the opening phase of the game.

Gurimu Igarashi

Soccer player Gurimu Igarashi plays for Team Z. His father owns a temple and would like him to inherit it, but Igarashi is only interested in soccer. Although he lacks talent compared to many others at Blue Lock and is often agitated, he is competitive and willing.

Ryosuke Kira

Football player Ryousuke Kira beat Isagi in a game when the latter lacked the courage to shoot and score during the Saitama Prefectural High School Championship. It has good results with women. Japan’s national under-18 team is keeping an eye on him; Keisuke Honda and Shinji Kagawa are two of his favorite players.

Jinpachi Ego

A very different trainer from others in Japan, Jinpachi Ego has a very selfish mindset. He said the striker controlled the pitch and that the other players only existed to receive passes from the striker. Ego loves his nation and wants him to win the World Cup by developing the best striker in the world, despite all his disagreements with the opinions of the majority of his fellow citizens.

Henri Thayery

The biggest dream of Henri, a calm but fierce woman, is for Japan to win the World Cup. Henri loves the game of soccer. She maintains her aspirations and vision even though the majority of the Japan Football Association mocks her and treats her as a woman with high ambitions and big breasts. She also expresses her opinion without regard to the corporate philosophies of the Japan Football Association.

Shoei Baro

In Team X, Shoei Baro is the most powerful player. He was known as the king and was Isagi’s first enemy in the Blue Lock. He has always shown an exceptional flair for football since he was young. He possesses tremendous shooting power and excellent dribbling that allow him to score even with shots from more than 27 meters from the goal. His game is incredibly unique in both nature and style of play.

Last lines

In October 2022, we finally got to see the exciting new football manga Blue Lock being turned into an anime. In this article, we chose to talk about how great Blue Lock Behind The Voice Actors is.

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