Prosecutors in the Murillo Karam case are scolded for not being prepared

During the first hearing against Jesus Murillo Karamthe prosecutors who attended the lawsuit against him were unprepared and unaware of the file they presented against the accused of the Ayotzinapa case.

For this reason the judge was restless and impatient in the face of the ignorance of those who came to defend the construction of the case and the arrest; Marco Antonio Fuerte Tapia, control judge of the Northern reclusehe asked the prosecution for better handling of the case.

He even said that, if he continued in this way, he would have to call his superiors to inform him of the situation that was happening in the place, where Lidia Bustamante and Sergio Navarro were unable to manage information, even the first said that it is not arrived prepared.

“There is a mess, they are not properly prepared. Next time I will ask their superiors “, he declared in front of the ignorance of the prosecutors in the trials that are currently underway, as well as the distrust they had.

They change prosecutor

The hearing against him was delayed.

In the midst of all this, they asked the judge for permission for the prosecutor, Paola Berenice Reyes Sánchez, who was a spectator in the room, to come in instead of Navarro, as she knew the case and could speak about it clearly. , in the case dealt with in the CDMX.

Eventually the judge ruled a withdrawal from all the mess he claimed, you lived in the room, because apart from that, Murillo Karam claimed he was sick, because he “hadn’t had breakfast”, for which he had to take a break.

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This was the capture of Murillo Karam for the Ayotzinapa case

Murillo is identified as responsible

Photographs from the moment of the former Attorney General’s arrest began to be seen on social networks, before which it was expected that a video showing his capture would be revealed, although this took a few hours before. happened.

A few hours later the video was released on social networks, from different angles you can see how Murillo Karam was captured, as we show you in The news about the truth; but it didn’t last more than three minutes, and even those who announce it to him are uncomfortable.

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