Original iPhone in sealed box sells for $35K at auction

An original, unopened Apple iPhone sold at auction last week for $ 35,414, demonstrating just how iconic the revolutionary device has become.

The revolutionary Apple iPhone
The revolutionary Apple iPhone (2007)

Stephanie Condon for ZDNet:

The A1203 model device, with 8GB of storage, arrived in factory sealed condition. Auction house RR Auction noted that the box features a full-size image of the iPhone with 12 icons on the screen, indicating that it is the first production: a thirteenth icon for iTunes arrived later in 2007. The The original 8GB iPhone went on sale in mid-2007 for $ 599.

The device was auctioned as part of RR Auction’s “Apple, Jobs and Computer Hardware” auction, which included more than 70 items on offer. The auction ended on August 18th.

The auction also featured an Apple-1 circuit board that was hand soldered by Apple co-founder Steve “Woz” Wozniak and reportedly used to secure Apple’s first large order. The prototype was sold for $ 677,196.

Note from MacDailyNews: At the same auction house, a first-generation iPod, also sealed in its original box, sold for $ 25,000.

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