Nvidia will present its new architecture in September

Nvidia is expected to unveil its new architecture in September … but what about the future RTX 40X0?

According to VideoCardz, Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang recently confirmed that the GPU giant is preparing to officially unveil its brand new GPU architecture. While rumors predicted that the first RTX 40X0 would arrive in July, everything now points to this new architecture presented at GTC 2022 next September.

I’m looking forward to the GTC conference next month; we will share the new developments of the RTX platform that reinvents 3D graphics and video games Huang explained. This will be the first time that the company will officially talk about this new version; it is therefore an announcement that the hardware world will follow closely.

baptized Love, will gradually replace the Ampere architecture on which the graphics cards of the RTX 30X0 family are based. However, we will have to moderate our expectations. This announcement doesn’t mean that the RTX 40X0s will necessarily hit shelves this fall.

A still vague timetable

Traditionally, time passes between the formalization of a new architecture and the commercialization of the first products based on it. And when PCBs start rolling out of factories, gamers usually have to be patient. The first products are generally intended for industry and professionals (data centers, supercomputers, etc.).

This means that extreme gamers who already have their sights set on the future RTX 4080 will have to worry for a while … but until when? Difficult to know exactly based on the information available today. Indeed, this delay varied considerably from generation to generation.

In the case of the Turing architecture on which the RTX 20X0 family is based, this delay was rather short. We just have to wait a good week between the announcement and the marketing of the first cards. On the other hand, this delay was significantly extended when the current Ampere architecture was released; it took several months for the first RTX 30X0s to appear.

In any case, we should not expect a rapid generational change; Huang also confirmed that the 30X0 generation will continue to dominate the field for quite some time to come. Because ironically, after two years of scarcity and simply indecent prices, today Nvidia has the opposite problem; he finds himself with excess stocks that he can’t get rid of!

This situation makes the timetable for the next generation even more unclear; We therefore give you an appointment at the GTC next September to discover this new Lovelace architecture. Let’s hope Huang and his troops aren’t too stingy with details regarding these new products.

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