Man jailed for 4 years for arson in Korean community

A Japanese court sentenced a 23-year-old man to four years in prison on Tuesday for setting fire to empty houses in a community of Korean residents in Kyoto Prefecture a year ago, in a case seen by residents as a hate crime.

The Kyoto District Court’s ruling in Shogo Arimoto’s trial was in line with the sentence sought by prosecutors, who argued in previous hearings that he committed the crime “out of hatred for Koreans.” The defendant admitted the charges.

“(The action) was very selfish and based on prejudice and hatred towards ‘zainichi’ (ethnic Koreans) and the Korean people – people of certain origins,” presiding judge Keisuke Masuda said.

Arimoto was also implicated in the arsons of two South Korean-linked buildings in Aichi Prefecture, central Japan, in July 2021.

According to the ruling, the unemployed man started a fire at an uninhabited wooden house in the ethnic Korean Utoro neighborhood of Kyoto’s Uji last August that left seven buildings gutted or damaged.

Although no one was injured, the fire also burned about 40 signs that had stood on the streets of Utoro and were to be displayed at the Utoro Peace Memorial Museum.
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August 30 (Annnewsch) – 在 日 コリアン が まく 住む 京都府 の ウトロ 地场 地地 に 放火 を し た 罪 に に 問わ れ た 男 男 男 に 、 懲役 4 年 が 耶渡さ れ まし。… Continue reading

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