Maiden Pharma responsible for 66 deaths in Gambia, a repeat offender in India

Vietnam banned the company in 2011.

New Delhi:

Indian pharmaceutical company Maiden Pharmaceuticals, which came under close scrutiny after the deaths of 66 children in Gambia after consuming Indian-made cough syrups, was also a double criminal in India. It has been found that several drugs from the pharmaceutical company do not meet quality standards in the four states of the country.

Vietnam banned the company in 2011.

Speaking with NDTV, public health activist Dinesh Thakur informed that the company’s drugs have also been reported for quality issues in India.

“I have found that the company is seriously lacking in quality control. We don’t have a regulatory system in India. We have a central regulator called the Central Drugs Standard Control Organization (CDSCO), but each state has its own regulator. During the research, we found that the regulatory authorities of Kerala and Gujarat have stated that Maiden Phrama’s drugs are of poor quality. quality. One of the syrups was also blacklisted by the Bihar Public Procurement Agency.

Mr. Thakur also inquired how the company with a negative record had been authorized.

“Vietnam blacklisted several companies a few years ago due to their poor quality and this company was also involved. When he has such a record, how was he allowed? Exports are authorized only by the central regulatory authority. The CDSCO website bears his name. This company has removed its website. Some cases involving company directors have also been tried by the courts. All of this reflects the state of the drug system in the country.

Red flags against Maiden Pharmaceutical

Bihar (2008): Erythromycin stearate syrup 125 mg (4 lots found to be poor quality)

Bihar (2011): methylergometrine fact sheet (fake)

Vietnam: company banned from 2011 to 2013

Gujarat (2013): Massipro Tab (Problems of disturbance)

Jammu and Kashmir (2020): IP cyproheptadine hydrochloride syrup (poor quality)

Kerala (2021): Metformin 1000 fact sheet (dissolution problem)

Kerala (2021): EasyPrint (does not meet the IP standard)

Kerala (2021): Metformin 500 mg (dissolution problem)

Kerala (2021): Maikal da tab (poor quality)

The Gambia has launched a door-to-door campaign to collect cough and cold syrups in the small West African country responsible for the deaths of more than 60 children from kidney damage.

The World Health Organization said India is testing samples of cough syrups made by Maiden Pharmaceuticals after they have been linked to the deaths of dozens of children in The Gambia.

Haryana State Health Minister Anil Vij told reporters: “The samples have been sent to the Central Pharmaceutical Laboratory for testing.” “If something is found to be wrong, severe action will be taken.”

WHO said laboratory analysis of Maiden cough syrup confirmed “unacceptable” amounts of diethylene glycol and ethylene glycol, which can be toxic and cause acute kidney damage.

Sources in the Indian ministry said Maiden, which began operations in November 1990, only produced and exported the syrup to The Gambia.

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