Maharani Season 2 Review & Ratings

Maharani Season 2 Review: The first season of Maharani with Huma Qureshi was released without any expectations, but it gained popularity thanks to the realization and the turning point in the story of this political drama. Looking at the response received for season 1, the producers have announced season 2 and it is now available to stream on the Sony Liv OTT platform. Let’s waste no time and take a look at the review of this political series.

Maharani Season 2 Review and Ratings


Bheema Bharati, who was sent to prison in the first season, is released and asks his wife Rani Bharati to step down as prime minister and hand over power to him. Rani Bharati, who is used to politics, decides to continue as prime minister and decides to make some changes to her political party. The conflict between these husband and wife continues to be prone, and by taking this conflict as an advantage, other political parties give birth to negativity against them. The rest of the series focuses on the situations that arise due to the political and emotional conflict between the main characters of the series.

Cast and crew

The cast of the Maharani 2 series includes Huma Qureshi, Amit Sial, Sohum Shah, Dibyendu Bhattacharya, Vineet Kumar, Pramod Pathak, Kani Kusruti, Sushil Pandey, Anuja Sathe, Neha Chauhan. Directed by Ravindra Gautam. The series is produced by Naren Kumar and Dimple Kharbanda. Subhash Kapoor, Nandan Singh and Umashankar Singh are the authors of this series and Subhash Kapoor is the creator of this original series.

Series name Maharani Season 2
Director Ravindra Gautam
writer Subhash Kapoor
Producer Naren Kumar and Kharbanda dimples
Genre Political, Drama
Launch Huma Qureshi, Amit Sial, Sohum Shah, Dibyendu Bhattacharya, Vineet Kumar, Pramod Pathak, Kani Kusruti, Sushil Pandey, Anuja Sathe, Neha Chauhan
Music N / A


The first season of this series established the characters and focused on the rise and fall of the main characters. Season 2 now shows the other side of the main characters with some new twists on their political journey. The first season attracted attention as the premise sounded interesting and the way it is told was intriguing, but the second season lacks interest as the narrative feels flat and most of the scenes seem predictable. But season 2 has its moments that are sure to engage audiences at some point.

While it comes to acting, Huma Qureshi shines once again in the role of Rani Bharati. Sohum Shah was bright as usual, but Soham’s appearance was artificial and we can clearly observe that Soham’s mustache and beard are not real. The other positive of this season is undoubtedly Amit Sial. He did a fantastic job, showcasing all of his acting skills. Kani Kusruthi, Pramod Pathak and all the other actors did their part as required for the proceedings.

Technically this series looks fine. The music and soundtrack of this series are of less importance and were suitable for the process without loud music. The photography was good in some scenes, but most of the shots in the series were designed very regularly. The production values ​​of this political series are high and it is not that easy to communicate with such large crowds while shooting political meeting scenes.

Director Ravindra Gautam has managed in part to continue the interest created by the first season. But the director had some well-designed scenes, which might attract attention.

Overall, Maharani season 2 is a political drama worth watching and that meets expectations.

Rating: 3/5

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