Jamie Lee Curtis ‘brokens in tears’ over Kanye West’s anti-Semitic tweet: ‘I hope he gets help’

Jamie Lee Curtis emotionally responds to Kanye West’s “disgusting” tweet (Photo: Getty Images)

Jamie Lee Curtis is one of the celebrities outraged by Kanye West’s behavior on social media. Over the weekend, the 45-year-old rapper’s Instagram and Twitter accounts faced sanctions after posting anti-Semitic messages. Curtis, whose father was Jewish, visited her today He showed up on Monday and became emotionally charged when West’s tweets surfaced.

“I woke up and burst into tears,” Curtis told Hoda Kotb. “What are you doing? Too bad fascism is on the rise in the world, but on Twitter? Putting it on a portal like it wasn’t hard enough for Jews? … how Asians can’t get enough. I mean, it was just disgusting.

Twitter deleted West’s posts that said, “I’m starting to get some sleep tonight, but when I wake up I’m dead. [sic] Thief 3 about Jews … the funny thing is, I can’t really be anti-Semitic because even blacks are actually Jews … you guys played with me and everyone who opposed your plans tried to gut him.

Kotb, who has interviewed Curtis multiple times, recounted how “he has never looked you straight in the eye in anger like this.”

“I woke up and… I thought [about] My grandparents, ”Curtis replied. “It’s just disgusting behavior, I hope it helps. I hope her children are helped by her. it’s terrible.”

Curtis said, “And if we don’t react, who are we? What does this say about people who don’t respond? “

Several public figures reacted …

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