IGB means access to trusted and reliable sources, says Ursula von der Leyen

BAKU, Azerbaijan, October 10. The EU works
hard for the last seven months – and with success: last year,
Russian gas used to be 40 percent of our imports, today it has decreased
up to 7.5 percent Russian pipeline gas, said Ursula von der Leyen,
President of the European Commission, Trend reported.

Addressing the Digital Summit in Tallinn, she pointed this out
having the right infrastructure in place is key.

“And the good news is that Europe is making more progress through
day. Just a few days ago we discovered a new gas interconnector
between Bulgaria and Greece. It will bring gas from Azerbaijan and
from Mediterranean LNG terminals, not only for Bulgaria, but also for
Romania, Serbia and North Macedonia. These links are a game
changes for Europe’s energy security. This means access to reliable
and reliable sources of energy throughout our Union. And that
means freedom from dependence on Russian gas,” added the European
chairman of the commission.

The IGB connects Bulgaria with the Southern Gas Corridor and will
enable secure delivery from multiple sources to multiple
countries in Southeast and Central Europe, including Moldova and

The gas pipeline is designed to transport 1 billion cubic meters
Azerbaijani gas per year for Bulgaria. Its capacity is 3 billion
cubic m with the possibility of expansion to 5 billion cubic m
meters per year.

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