Forspoken shows off its 4K gameplay in a never-before-seen trailer

Square Enix unveils an intense gameplay trailer along with the release of the title Forspoken.

It is one of the games we would have liked to have seen at the Gamescom 2022 opening ceremony, but it was notable for its absence. The title of the adventure pronounceddeveloped by Square Enix, it had already shown some promising images a few months ago, before being postponed to this year, but at the beginning of 2023. To keep us waiting, the studio offers us a brand new trailer, which tells us more about the gameplay of the game.

In 10 minutes of video, players have time to observe what pronounced seems to have in the abdomen. In this adventure title, you play a young woman named Frey, a New Yorker who is suddenly catapulted into a magical world called Athia. Therefore, our heroine’s sole purpose is to escape from this parallel universe and help the inhabitants who have been mistreated by their gods for too long.

Athia, a colorful continent

In the trailer we have the opportunity to see some of the environments of pronounced, starting with Cipal, the city where Frey is safe and can shop or start missions. But he will also have to venture beyond this area to find out what the regions of Praenost or Avoalet are rich in, just to name a few.

Visually, the game appears to feature environments that are as diverse as they are beautiful, and exploring the locations will be a very important part of the gameplay. We notice a lot of indications on the screen, of the almost exaggerated HUD, which scares us a bit in terms of direction. It may be possible to choose which level of visual aids we want to apply, so let’s not sulk for now.

Expect explosive and dynamic battles

Finally, the research that Square Enix revealed to us also allows us to take a closer look at the battle scenes. When interacting with her magical enemies, Frey deploys a myriad of abilities, both physical and magical. This gives rise to some pretty impressive special effects, which we can’t wait to see in action. However, it looks like AI isn’t the sharpest knife in the drawer, so we’ll have to wait and see what happens with the controller in hand. Recall that players can enjoy the game: next January 24thdate when pronounced will be released on PS5 and PC.

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