Firing in Chandigarh: Sector 27 case; thrown into the water tank; drug addict arrested

In Chandigarh Sector 27, a drug addict committed an inhumane act. The dog died after falling into the water tank. The incident occurred in the sector market, where there is a water tank. The baby died after falling into the water tank. By intervening in this case, the police identified the accused and filed a lawsuit against him. However, he was released after his arrest. The defendant was identified as Puneet Singh, a local resident. In this case, Dalip Anand from Sector 28 went to the Sector 26 Police Station.

In the police report, Dalip claims he has a dhaba in sector 27. A dog gave birth to six children in the same market. Which was maintained by the market traders. Meanwhile, the defendant went to him before Diwali and started talking about buying a baby for 1000 rupees. The traders refused, saying that when the babies are 45 days old, they should be brought from here for free, so that these babies can be well educated. However, on Diwali day, the defendant took the dog’s son away.

Towards the end of October 25, the defendant brought the dog’s three children back with him. After that the children’s mother fell ill. She treated the children’s mother by buying medicines from market traders.

Theft incident captured by CCTV cameras
On the night of 25 October, when the defendant was taking three children with him, the incident was filmed by surveillance cameras. Along with this, the traders also became suspicious of the accused. On October 26, while the defendant was wandering around the same market, traders attacked him. When questioned, the defendant claimed that he gave the children to a friend of his from sector 26. He will bring them back. Provided he did not report him to the police, the traders demanded that the children be brought back.

This is how it turns out that there is a baby in the tub
Subsequently, the traders began to smell the water tank in the market, and then learned that the defendant had thrown a child from the dog into the water tank. Because of which he died. At the same time, the defendant also threw away the second son of sector 26. dead. The defendant says nothing about the other children. Traders say the accused appears to be a drug addict. Due to which he himself is unable to find out where he threw the children.

Ask for justice on social media
Through a post on social media, SSP and DGP including Maneka Gandhi, PETA, actor John Ibrahim and Chandigarh ASP Palak Goyal were informed of the incident. People are demanding action on social media regarding this incident. At the same time, one person said that how can someone be so cruel as to commit such an act with newborns. In this case, measures are required from the police.

Let us tell you that Maneka Gandhi’s People for Animals ({PFA), including People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), often raise their voices for atrocities committed on animals. The country’s PFA also records police cases related to such incidents. In such a situation, justice is requested through them on social networks.

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