EQBR Launches One-Stop Blockchain Service Platform EQ HUB

[PRESS RELEASE – Singapore-August 23, 2022]

EQBR Holdings (EQBR), a pioneer of Web 3.0 infrastructure providers, has launched its new blockchain service platform EQ HUB. EQ HUB provides a unique service to plan, build and implement blockchain and ecosystem-based networks. Based on Equilibrium, an innovative third-generation blockchain engine, EQ Hub developers and users will experience incredible speed and convenience, which has not yet been achieved in any of the blockchain environments.

EQ HUB provides incredibly easy and intuitive “No-Code” tools for developers. So far, service companies and developers have faced various obstacles in implementing blockchain technologies for their services and products: for example, building and managing their networks, procuring experts, writing and publishing the contract, and developing dApps in the ecosystem on their blockchain network. EQ HUB substantially lowers the barriers by providing appropriate solutions for each stage of the development of blockchain services or products.

Building and managing the Blockchain ecosystem: With EQ HUB’s Blockchain Network Management Service (EQ BNMS), users can customize their blockchain network and manage various elements of that network through a graphical user interface environment.

Development Services: EQ HUB provides users with effective tools to compose various smart contracts for their own blockchain networks (Contract Library). In addition, EQ Hub allows users to easily convert application programs in dApps to users’ blockchain networks (API support).

Editorial Services: EQ HUB provides effective ways to promote services and products. EQ Hub provides a tool for linking various blockchain projects with investments (Launchpad). The dAPP store set up by EQ Hub (dApp Center) is the best place to advertise services to potential consumers, where promotions and airdrop events (Airdrop) are presented.

Virtual assets created in the blockchain network created by EQ Hub can be freely exchanged with other virtual assets in the same blockchain network, via EQ DEX, which is a decentralized exchange that EQBR has ambitiously prepared. Selected virtual assets examined via Launchpad or dApp Center will automatically qualify to be listed on the EQ DEX.

Through EQ Gateway and EQ Linker, this exchangeability can be extended to other virtual assets (including cryptocurrency) created in the micro-chains of the main blockchain network or in other blockchain networks. These EQ Hub features would be of great help in making the EQ Hub ecosystem robust and flexible.

The official launch of EQ HUB is set for the end of August 2022. For more information, visit the EQ HUB website.

About EQBR Holdings:

Founded in 2020, EQBR has partnered with various businesses as a third party operator, investor and solution provider. EQBR’s innovative blockchain engine called Equilibrium is the world’s first commercially viable blockchain. Since then, EQBR has developed several dApps in addition to Equilibrium, including Whisper Messenger (a blockchain-based secure messenger), EQ Hub (a low-code development tool) and now My Flex (an NFT minting platform).


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