Cole Barnett From Love is Blind: Everything We Know

While blind dates can be very effective if you want to find your perfect match, Netflix’s “Love Is Blind” takes it one step further by not allowing competitors to see each other on their dates. Although the candidates come from different backgrounds and form a dynamic group, they are encouraged to go out together to find the most suitable couple. However, true to its name, “Love Is Blind” has singles talking to each other from several bespoke pods. Once a couple has formed a relationship, they are asked to propose marriage, and only engaged couples can meet face-to-face before the show, where they can delve into their respective personalities. to seek.

Cole Barnett, who appeared in the third season of “Love is Blind”, captivated audiences with his charming and jovial nature and his wit. Also, although she was interested in letting the experience take its course, Cole was very clear about her expectations of her and was looking forward to meeting like-minded partners. Well, if you’re curious about Cole Barnett too, here’s all we know!

Age and background of Cole Barnett

Cole Barnett was 27 at the time of filming and appears to have grown up in a loving family in Rendon, Texas. A childhood surrounded by loved ones helped Cole develop a deep family bond, which he has maintained to this day. Though the reality star refuses to reveal much about his family and early days in the public domain, he appears to be close to his loved ones and likes to visit his hometown from time to time. Additionally, he blames his family for his success and often takes time out of his schedule to spend with them.

After graduating from high school, Cole attended King’s University in Southlake, Texas, where he graduated in 2017 with a degree in General Christian Studies. However, when it came time for Cole to step into his professional life, he realized that being a real estate agent was his true calling and, as a result, it didn’t take long for the TV star. reality to transform his passion into a lifestyle.

The work of Cole Barnett

Although Cole had a degree in general Christian studies, he quickly became interested in buying and selling homes. Plus, while the reality star was determined to do what she loved in her life, her family gave her unanimous support and encouraged Cole to pursue her dreams. Thus, in August 2019, Cole founded her real estate company, Bdellium Real Estate, which currently operates in the Dallas / Fort Worth area. Even after realizing her dream of running her own real estate agency, Cole knew she had proven herself, so she started putting heart and soul into her work.

Eventually, as Cole’s reputation grew, hard work paid off and Bedelium became a trusted name in the real estate industry. In May 2020, Cole was ready to expand his real estate empire and soon landed the position of Director of Acquisitions at JZ Home Buyers. Currently, in addition to working as an acquisitions manager and real estate agent, Cole also runs a YouTube channel and has a few hundred followers on TikTok.

Cole Barnett is out?

Unfortunately, Cole is very reserved when it comes to his personal life and hasn’t divulged many details publicly. Throughout the show, Cole believed that every relationship needed two people who could work in sync to steer their lives in the right direction. However, he described himself as a fool and said he wanted to be with someone who would appreciate him for who he is.

While Cole seems like a lifesaver for anyone interested in a relationship, we can only wait for the show to reveal if he’s managed to find that special someone. However, based on her recent social media posts, the lack of a romantic partner is becoming quite evident and, unrelated to her love life, let’s imagine that she is currently single and enjoying life with friends. . I am. Additionally, reports indicate that Cole suffered a stomach injury in July, although she is currently on the mend.

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