Cars selling most above retail: August 2022

CarExpert’s sales price report lets you know how much cars were actually sold for, rather than the advertised price.

This data is collected from many sources, including state government stamp duty registration forms.

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Those of you looking for a new car right now will know that discounts are hard to find, but moving forward CarExpert will offer you the best make / model / variant in each category (1) every month (2) for both discount higher and higher price than the retail price (3).

If you are looking for a specific model and want to know what others have recently paid, be sure to check out the sales price report.

(1) Categories without discount are excluded

(2) The price data are always those of the previous full month (July 2022).

(3) The selling price does not include state specific stamp duties. It also includes options, so for high-end cars, its average selling price relative to the retail price is the average price a person pays, which also reflects the options controlled. For a full breakdown of the actual road price in your state, go to the Sales Price Report.

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