Bill was forced to quit AAP during CBI grilling, Sisodia alleged

New Delhi: Delhi Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia on Monday termed the excise policy case as “completely false and fabricated”.

Addressing the media at his residence on Monday evening after nine hours of questioning by the CBI at its headquarters here in connection with the case, Sisodia said, “During the questioning, I realized that this is not a case of excise politics or corruption. The case is solely focused on the success of ‘Operation Lotus’ in Delhi.”

Sisodia also alleged that he was pressured to quit the Aam Aadmi Party and join the BJP at the agency headquarters.

“I was pressured to join the BJP. “These cases will continue like this… They will make you the CM,” they told me,” Sisodia said, adding that officials had even speculated that he would be offered the chief minister’s post in case of a change.

Deputy CM added, “I told them that I find joy when the son of a rickshaw puller joins IIT. I have come to know today that the CBI is not investigating any scam… the case against me is just to make Operation Lotus a success here,” he said.

“The BJP keeps claiming that there was a scam of Rs 10,000 crore, but no scam happened. Today I realized that the whole case is fake and fabricated,” he added.

Refuting Sisodia’s allegations, the CBI said in a statement: “Some sections of the media have aired a video in which, after leaving the CBI office, Manish Sisodia stated on camera that during his interrogation he was threatened to quit his political party and the like insinuations.

“The CBI categorically rejects these allegations and reiterates that the examination of Shri Sisodia was conducted in a professional and legal manner, strictly as per the allegations against him in the FIR. The investigation into the case will continue according to the law.”

The statement further said, “Manish Sisodia was today examined by the CBI in connection with the ongoing investigation into the Delhi Excise Policy case. He was questioned strictly on the allegations in the FIR and the evidence collected so far in the course of the investigation. His testimony will be verified in due course and further action will be taken as per the requirements of the investigation.


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