Bees are buzzing for the World Cup as research shows they can play football

BEES should be buzzing for the World Cup – research shows they can play football.

The Insects were seen enjoying a kick in their striped yellow and black kits – just like the Hornets at Watford.

Research shows that bees love to play footballCredit: Getty
Bumblebees have been observed rolling a small wooden ball

In a series of experiments, bumblebees were observed repeatedly rolling a small wooden ball even though they had no incentive to do so.

Like their human soccer counterparts, the younger bees were busier with the ball than their elders, with some swarming over it 117 times.

Further testing showed that they grabbed the ball instead of choosing a treat, reinforcing the idea that they were playing the bee game for pure enjoyment.

Researcher Samadi Galpayaj, a PhD student at Queen Mary University of London, said: “It’s certainly mind-blowing, sometimes amusing, to watch bumblebees exhibit something like play.

“They approach and manipulate these ‘toys’ over and over again.

This once again shows that despite their small size and tiny brains, they are more than little robotic creatures.

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