Bartender gives women water as men try to ‘fill their glasses to drink’

Barman has been praised by social media users for protecting women from men in potentially dangerous situations.

TikTok user Rise Jumeade, who works at a location in Buffalo, New York, shared the technique she usually uses at work when she feels a woman’s safety may be at risk.

In the video, which has been viewed more than 10.8 million times, Jumeade is at work acting out a scenario she said “often” happens at the bar.

In the scenario, a man approaches the bar and orders on behalf of a woman, asking for a “double shot” of tequila or other alcohol. “Yeah, fill her up,” he tells Jumeade.

Sensing that the drink might make the woman drunk and question the man’s intentions, Jumeade hands the woman water instead.

Explaining his actions in the comments, the bartender said he was doing it to protect women in scenarios where he suspected a man was trying to “fill women’s glasses to get them drunk to take advantage”.

Users flocked to thank Jumeade for her actions, with some recalling how bartenders had helped them out of similar situations in the past.

“Good bartenders should be praised… good looking,” wrote one person. Another said: “Not all characters wear capes.”

One man recalls: “I was taken to a bar by an older man when I was underage. He ordered me a lemon and sprite. The bartender gave me a sprite. I wish I could thank him.”

Another said: “I had a bartender do this for me and I think I’ll appreciate it for the rest of my life.”

Cheers bartenders who care for us! [It] happened to me in Florida, the bartender held the water because the dude didn’t listen to me when I said no to the drinks,” wrote one user.

Other bartenders also shared practices they used to keep hot women safe.

“I always look at the girl and only her and say ‘Is that what you want to drink’, completely ignoring the boy,” said one person.

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