A family of four was found dead in a house in Bargarh

Bargarh: The bodies of four members of a family were found in a closed house in Jamdola village under Bheden block of Bargarh district on Sunday.

According to reports, the dead bodies are that of a man, his wife and their two children. Two of the four were found hanged, while the dead bodies of the other two people were found lying in the room.

The deceased have been identified as 55-year-old Seshadeb Meher, his 48-year-old wife Hireshwari and their two children – 28-year-old Arabinda Meher and 20-year-old Shibani Meher.

The cause of their death is yet to be known. Meanwhile, it is not clear whether it is a murder or suicide.

According to sources, the family’s neighbors detected a foul smell coming from the house, raising suspicions that something was wrong in the house as it was locked and the family had not been seen for the past few days. So, they informed the police about the house.

After being informed, Bheden Police IIC Sangita Mohapatra along with his team reached the village and broke open the locked house. All this was done in the presence of the magistrate. The police team took out the four bodies from the dark room in the house emitting a foul smell. Police suspect that the deaths of the family members may have occurred a few days ago.

An investigation is underway. The house was sealed off and the body sent for an autopsy.

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