Zoom brings translated subtitles as a plugin to facilitate inclusivity

Already represented in the Zoom One Business Plus and Zoom One Enterprise Plus rates since June this year, Zoom is now introducing translated captions as an add-on for paid accounts to encourage inclusive meetings and webinars.

This reduces the need for third-party solutions, allowing attendees to understand what is said in their own language in meetings and webinars, including those hosted via Zoom events, with translated subtitles working as a plug-in, supporting a total of 12 languages:

Spanish, German, Mandarin Chinese (Simplified) – Beta, Korean – Beta, Dutch, English, French, Italian, Japanese – Beta, Portuguese, Russian and Ukrainian.

Focus on organizations

Zoom says that when a meeting or webinar is recorded, translated subtitles appear on the full transcript of the recording, not on the recording itselfand push it the number of supported languages ​​will double in the coming monthsas well as the ability to translate subtitles to and from languages ​​other than English, exemplified by translations from French to German and vice versa.

In terms of who can use this feature, Zoom claims it can available for any paid Zoom license for only $ 5 per month per user and translated subtitles follow host settingsso that:

Therefore, if the organizer enables translated captions, all attendees and attendees can use them in the meeting or webinar.

Those interested who have access to this feature can activate it through the Zoom web portal by setting their preferred languages, as indicated by the platform in a press release, and then:

Once languages ​​are enabled and configured, you can select a subtitle language directly in the meeting. The translated subtitle appears at the bottom of the screen and can be hidden at any time.

From Zoom, they will continue to evolve functionality to help organizations around the world conduct increasingly inclusive meetings and webinars in a space that is moving more towards hybrid workspaces.

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