Zemeckis’ Pinocchio gets a final trailer

While Guillermo del Toro is working on a stop-motion adaptation, Robert Zemeckis is already ready to unveil his Pinocchio.

Disney + is in full swing for the start of the school year. The platform is about to unveil a new live-action remake of one of its past hits. This time the company faces one of its most famous stories, that of a puppet who dreamed of being a boy. Disney entrusts Robert Zemeckis with the task of organizing this introductory and magical journey. the director of Back to the Future he hadn’t appeared behind the camera since the time of Sacrées Sorcières, who hadn’t had the success he hoped for. This time, the fate of the film is re-enacted on the SVOD platform.

As a memory, Pinocchio follows the adventures of a wooden doll who becomes a child after her creator makes a wish. In addition to the fact that magic always has a price, Pinocchio must prove that he is worthy of becoming human. This is Jiminy Cricket, a cricket who will have the arduous task of guiding him on his journey and becoming the embodiment of his conscience.

According to these new images, the story shouldn’t be too devoid of its basic material. Since the start of the live-action remake craze, the studio has rarely taken liberties with the animated film it was inspired by. From Lion King Bee The beauty and the Beast to come The Lady and the Trampthe various films of the genre have always been quite in line with the originals, with the exception of Mulan who has decided to abandon the original songs to become more epic images.

Tom Hanks pulls the strings

To embody one of the main characters, Robert Zemeckis could not resist the urge to recall old acquaintances. The director then called Tom Hanks, who directed, among others, Forrest Gump. He will respond to Joseph Gordon Levitt who lends his voice to Jiminy Cricket or even to Benjamin Evan Ainsworth who plays Pinocchio.

By the way, it’s Cynthia Erivo (the nonconformist) who will play The Blue Fairy, while Luke Evans (The beauty and the Beast) appears in the Coachman skin. Having camped out the opponent Gaston, he shouldn’t be too out of place.

In September on Disney +

As mentioned above, the start of the school year will be busy for Disney +. The platform is working hard, no doubt not to be too far ahead of the competition. This is the next September 8th that it will be possible to discover Pinocchio on our screens. This release comes several months before Guillermo del Toro’s Pinocchio, which will air on Netflix in December.

Otherwise, Disney + subscribers will be able to discover different Marvel and Star Wars licensing series next month. While she Hulk in the best case, Andoro is about to enter the dance. Delayed by one month, the spin-off series of RogueOne will air from 21 September 2022.

Watch Pinocchio on Disney +

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