Zachary Quinto had fun with a question about “Star Trek fan” Rishi Sunak

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Star Trek actor Zachary Quinto was amused after he was essentially told that new British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak is a “bigger fan” of Star Wars than his own sci-fi series.

The Hollywood actor, who played Spock in JJ Abrams’ Star Trek reboot, appeared on BBC Sunday With Laura Kuensberg to discuss his new West End theater show Best of Enemies, which will star Gore Vidal.

Vidal was a bisexual American writer and best known for his essays that challenged social and cultural sexual norms.

Kuensberg asked Quinto about his thoughts on the inclusion of the UK, which has its first British-Indian prime minister, making the loose connection that Mr Sunak is a sci-fi fan.

The journalist asked his guest: “Many of our viewers will know you, of course, as Spock on Star Trek, our new Prime Minister, who we know is a Star Wars fan.”

“I’m told he’s watched a bit of Star Trek but he’s really more of a Star Wars fan, I just want to ask you about it, we have our first British-Indian Prime Minister in this country.”

Zachary Quinto (right) was initially a little confused by Laura Kuensberg’s line of questioning (Image: BBC)

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Quinto played Spock in several Star Trek movies (Photo: CBS via Getty Images)

Quinto and Best Enemies co-star David Harwood couldn’t help but laugh at the remark, while Kuensberg continued: “Americans, there have been some comments saying that there has been a backlash that Britain has some racist feelings towards the new Prime Minister , which is really rejected by people here, but how will you see that?’

The actor laughed again as he explained, “I think in the context of talking Star Trek, there’s so much inclusivity at the heart of this franchise, and I feel like anything we can do to expand and challenge the expectations or the rigidity of people, is what we have a responsibility to do, and part of that is conversation, part of that is discourse, and part of the honor of playing a character like Gore Vidal is not only was he an intellectual titan, but he was also a gay icon in many ways and had forward-thinking beliefs that were impeccable, uncompromising, ahead of their time.

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak is said to be a fan of Star Trek, but an even bigger fan of Star Wars (Image: Getty Images)

“That’s the kind of conversation I’m interested in being a part of, so to play a character that really represents that with real authenticity and integrity is something I’m really excited to be able to do.”

Viewers were equally amused by Kuensberg’s line of questioning, with one tweeting: “#BBCLauraK I’m not quite sure about getting into Zachary Quinto’s views on the first Asian PM via the tenuous/tortured connection via Star Trek to Star Wars. Terribly drained…”

Another agreed: “Link to weak question. Very strange framing.

One viewer wondered: “Why did you ask Zachary Quinto about Star Wars and not the play he’s in? You asked David Harwood about the play. It seemed strange to do this out of context as well.

Sunday with Laura Kuensberg is available to watch on iPlayer and returns to BBC One next Sunday at 9am.

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