Youths guarding money-liquor distributors: patrolling overnight in village Ramkali in Panchayat elections, information of suspects being given on WhatsApp

During the Panchayat elections in the village of Ramkali, Jind, Haryana, young people patrol those who distribute money and alcohol even at night. Young people keep an eye on candidates. Drug addiction initiatives among the village’s young graduates and postgraduates are also bearing fruit. The alcohol contract has not been opened in the village for 4 years.

Azad Yuva Sangathan and Baba Saheb Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar’s committee had decided together in the village, General Chaupal, that during the Panchayat, under no circumstances, money and alcohol would not be distributed in the village. Any candidate who does will be boycotted.

Committee composed of 5-5 young people in 10 neighborhoods

To carry out this campaign, a committee of 5-5 young people was formed in 10 neighborhoods of the village. Each committee controls the antisocial elements in its neighborhood. Even if an accident occurs, everyone is immediately notified by the WhatsApp group. Young people patrol the village until 12pm. There is also a youth committee that meets every day.

Azad President Yuva Sangathan Ramkali Narendra Malik said that during the Panchayat elections, we repeatedly see candidates trying to buy votes by attracting the attention of alcohol and money. Even the voters out of greed give their votes to these candidates. Meanwhile, the fraternity in the village also sometimes deteriorates.

Meeting of elderly and young people in the village of Ramkali.

If caught handing out money and alcohol, the candidate will be boycotted

He said that in order not to spoil the atmosphere in the village and for the peaceful conduct of the Panchayat elections, it was decided that no candidates would be allowed to distribute alcohol during the Panchayat elections. Young people will closely observe these candidates. Karmjeet said that if anyone is caught distributing alcohol or money during the panchayat, concrete action will be taken against them. As a result, this candidate will be boycotted.

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