You may run into problems if you do this

IRCTC has issued some new rules for passengers traveling in late night trains. The new guidelines introduced by the government are for the convenience of people who sleep on trains at night. These small system changes can cause you big problems if not followed properly.

Last year, the Railway Board introduced a set of rules, including that the Travel Ticket Examiner (TTE) cannot check tickets after 10:00 PM (not applicable to passengers boarding the train after 10:00 PM), middle berth passengers can sleep in their berth only from 10pm to 6am and if someone misses their train – the TTE cannot allot their seat to another passenger for the next two stops or for the next one hour (whichever occurs earlier early).

Although these rules are still applicable, now Indian Railways has added one more to them viz. no passenger in your seat, compartment or bus can talk on the mobile phone loudly or listen to loud music. The rules are to ensure the comfort of passengers who sleep after 10 pm, especially the elderly.

It is reported that people often complain about people traveling together on their bus talking loudly on the phone or listening to songs late into the night. Some complaints also indicated that the rail escort or maintenance staff also spoke loudly.

Also, many passengers keep the lights on even after 10 pm, which disturbs the sleep of everyone in the coach and nearby coaches.

Keeping these issues in mind, railways have created new rules. However, if any passenger does not follow the rules, action will be taken against him/her.

According to the new guidelines, passengers are not allowed to talk loudly or listen to music without headphones while traveling at night. If any passenger complains, it will be the duty of the staff present in the train to resolve it.

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