Yolanda Díaz and Íñigo Errejón will continue alone

I can It is clear to him that if he wants to achieve anything in the regional elections in May, he must start preparing the ground. That’s why you should now start looking for powerful profiles and accept that both Yolanda Diaz What Inigo Erreyon they will leave alone.

Javier Sánchez Serna, one of the purple party’s leadership negotiators, confirmed that the party will devote “every effort” to find the best candidates, “the strongest candidates to move the progressive cycle, reassert progressive governments and experience for overturning right-wing governments’.

In an interview with Europe Pressthe regional coordinator of Podemos Murcia, admits that his party is not “wasting time” and will go to the regional and municipal elections in May 2023 with “strong” candidates, reiterating the alliance with United Left (IU).

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The statements of the leader of the violets in Murcia come after Yolanda Díaz decided not to burn her project (add) in the regional elections and wait for the general elections where she will be the visible image.

“Any political actor can decide whether to go to the municipal and regional elections, and Yolanda Díaz decided not to participate with her project (Sumar), but we do.”

For this reason, Podemos is seen as the option of the left for this election. “There must be a strong Podemos”, this was the condition in 2019 and it will be so again in 2023, despite the fact that more and more movements have separated from Podemos since the first elections in 2014.

United Left

Faced with those divisions on the left that cost them a few votes in elections like the one in Andalusia, the purple MP hopes that there will be coalitions. “Where you can,” he added.

This confirms it United Left and We Can present themselves again as a united party despite the problems they had in choosing their visible face in the Andalusian elections. Of course, in this case (as confirmed by Sánchez Serna himself) Yolanda Díaz will not participate in the negotiations.

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“What we know from the media is that Compromís in Valencia and Más Madrid in Madrid They said they didn’t want to ally with anyone, which are sufficient and remain. They have decided to go it alone and we respect that, but we will put together a win-win project for the autonomous communities. Podemos will build the strongest possible lists to reduce the burden on the right and achieve the largest number of autonomous governments,” he concluded.

General elections

But despite the leadership position that Podemos wants to take in the regional elections, for the general election they are open to negotiating their project with other political groups. Regarding alliances that can be formed when the generals arrive, Sanchez Serna does not close. “We’ll have to wait for the generals.”

By now, Yolanda Díaz’s project will be shaped and this opens the door for Podemos to want to appear with her.

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As for Pablo Iglesias’ influence on the decisions of the party he helped create and from whose leadership he left a year ago, he pointed out that the former vice president today is “a communicator who expresses his opinion freely.” But he confirms that since he is not in active politics, “the current leadership has complete autonomy.”

“Pablo Iglesias is listened to by many people who are not only from Podemos, but it is no longer in the direction of Podemos – he confirmed -. There is recognition of his figure who turned politics upside down and that is the history of Spain, but also the autonomy of a leadership that he is no longer in and that is doing a great job against the prophets who said that we can not survive in this political cycle.”

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