Yogi Adityanath feeds milk to leopard cubs at Gorakhpur zoo, naming them Bhavani and Chandi. watch

Gorakpur: Uttar Pradesh Prime Minister Yogi Adityanath visited the Gorakhpur Zoo on Wednesday where he fed a leopard cub. Prime Minister Shaheed Ashfaq Ullah Khan arrived at Gorakhpur Zoological Park and Veterinary Hospital with politician and actor Ravi Kishan for an inspection. During his visit, Adityanath released a white tiger and two black Himalayan bears to the zoo that were brought from the Kanpur Zoo. He also named the two leopard cubs kept in the zoo hospital, Bhavani and Chandi. Later, he was seen feeding the leopard cub’s milk.Also read – Viral video: Dog dances with bride on her wedding day, Internet loves cute moment. Look

In a video of the incident, Yogi Adityanath is seen holding a bottle of milk as the baby grabs it. The baby is initially reluctant but the vet takes him back to the CM, wearing protective orange rubber gloves. This time, the leopard cub is drinking water from a bottle. The video was posted on the UP government’s official YouTube channel. Afterwards, zoo officials also inform the prime minister about the characteristics of the enclosures and explain how the animals are handled. Also read – Viral video: People play music on Ola electric scooter after power outage during Dandiya event in Gujarat. Look

Adityanath also spoke about the gathering at the zoo and stressed the need for wildlife conservation and protection. He also highlighted the need for a separate group of veterinarians to ensure proper care and treatment of wildlife within the forest department.

According to the zoo’s official website, it is the first zoological park in the Purvanchal region and the third in Uttar Pradesh.

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