xQc reveals the funny question Tyler 1 asked Twitch in a one-on-one with the Streamer

xQc reveals the fun question Tyler 1 asked Twitch: Finally, TwitchCon 2022 is in the background. It was undoubtedly a gathering the Amazon-backed platform would love to repeat if it could, what with the numerous foam injuries and terrifying stalker situations.

It was almost overwhelmingly negative news at a time when Twitch is already facing criticism for its revenue-sharing plans, with many of the most prominent online celebrities taking to social media to criticize the event after the fact.

Not surprisingly, one of the arguments involved xQc, which is arguably the biggest name on the web. He claims that at an after-party, a “touchy” a woman harassed him and would not stop despite his repeated requests to do so “give back.” The well-known figure was apparently still in trouble at another after-party because he has since described a run-in with Andrea Botez.

The younger Botez sibling was seen standing next to xQc in a photo that is currently circulating online. DisguisedToast, which xQc later admitted he was “great” is also detained. He turned to Andrea and remarked: “I really like toast.”

xQc reveals the fun question asked by Tyler 1 Twitch
xQc reveals the fun question asked by Tyler 1 Twitch

“That girl Andrea was so damn nasty. It’s not like he can’t take a joke, so it’s funny. I like to have fun with others. She was annoying though. I confronted her and told her she was annoying.

He stated that the 20-year-old chess kid’s criticism of his gambling activities was the reason he did not get along with her. “What are you doing in your stream?” – a woman asks me. Oh, I play a lot, I said. and [Andrea] completes the sentence. she continues “He’s just betting. He only deals in games. bet, bet, bet. Is it fucking over?”

Given that xQc topped the Twitch Slots category for the last 90 days and had just under seven million hours of watch time in the category, the comments weren’t entirely unwarranted, but he still objected to being called out for just that.

Data taken from SullyGnome shows that over the same time period, he has nearly tripled the hours streamed on Just Chatting and spent an additional few hundred hours streaming popular titles like GTA and Rust.

Shortly after Twitch revealed plans to remove the problematic segment, xQc said his gambling streams on the platform were “bad,” but he was still upset about Andrea’s time.

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