World Vegan Day 2022 Wishes, Messages, Quotes, Greetings, WhatsApp status

World Vegan Day is celebrated by vegans around the world on November 1, every year. Awareness on benefits of veganism for humans and the natural environment is spread on the day through various activities.

World Vegan Day Quotes

“It takes nothing away from a human to be kind to an animal.” -Joaquin Phoenix.

“Only when we have become non-violent towards all life will we have learned to live well ourselves,” -Cesar Chavez.

“Veganism is not a sacrifice. It is a joy.” -Gary L. Francione.

“I personally chose to go vegan because I educated myself on factory farming and cruelty to animals, and I suddenly realized that what was on my plate were living things, with feelings. And I just couldn’t disconnect myself from it any longer.” -Ellen DeGeneres.

“The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.” -Mahatma Gandhi.

“If you think that being vegan is difficult, imagine being a factory farmed animal.” -Davegan Raza.

“I don’t see why someone should lose their life just so you can have a snack.” -Russell Brand.

“To get mud off your hands, use soap and water. To get blood off your hands, go vegan.” -John Sakars.

“The best part of being a vegan is the purity and peace of mind one experiences and the strong connection I feel to the animal kingdom.” -Uri Gellar.

“Vegan food is soul food in its truest form. Soul food means to feed the soul. And to me, your soul is your intent. If your intent is pure, you are pure.” -Erykah Badu.

“Becoming vegan is the most important and direct change we can immediately make to save the planet and its species.” -Chris Hedges.

World Vegan Day Wishes, Messages, Greetings

God has not created humans to kill others for food. God has created us to save others. Wishing a very Happy World Vegan Day.

Following a vegan diet will always bring you happiness and shower you with goodness because you didn’t kill anyone for your food. Warm wishes on World Vegan Day.

Being vegan doesn’t mean that your food has to be boring, it means that you have to look beyond what you already know and enjoy new foods. Happy World Vegan Day.

Turning into a vegan is about experiencing a completely different and much kinder world. A very Happy World Vegan Day to you.

We all our equal and we all must respect and protect each other’s existence. Warm wishes on World Vegan Day to everyone.

The idea of cleaner and greener planet doesn’t mean that we are going to wipe away animals for our own hunger. Wishing a very Happy World Vegan Day.

A vegan is always proud of himself because he knows that he doing good by being kind towards other animals. Happy World Vegan Day to all.

On the occasion of International Vegan Day, let us celebrate this day with a promise that we will be kind towards animals.

Veganism is the form of diet that mutually benefits and develops all kinds of different forms of organisms on the planet. Warm wishes on World Vegan Day.

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