Wongamine fatal crash: Hannah Louise Fraser’s husband Leighton confirms injured child may never walk again

The heartbroken husband of his mother killed in a terrible Wheatbelt accident has spoken publicly for the first time, confirming the tragic news of his children’s injuries.

Six of Leighton Fraser’s children have been hospitalized after being injured in the head-on collision five days ago and four are expected to be out soon.

However, the road to recovery will be much longer for two of his children – Bethel, five, and Mariah, 11 – who both have severe spinal injuries.

Mother of six children died in an accident in Wongamine, about 100km north-east of Perth.  Hannah Louise Fraser was killed when the car she was driving with her 6 children inside of her collided head-on with a concrete truck.
Camera iconHannah Louise Fraser was killed when the car she was driving with her six children inside collided head-on with a concrete truck. Credit: Hanna Louise Fraser/Facebook

Though Bethel should eventually make a full recovery, Mariah may never walk again.

“Obviously we’re looking at the loss of the lower legs and the loss of bowel use, the kind of thing that’s so paraplegic,” Fraser told 7NEWS.

The bereaved husband said his wife is now in the “best place” and promised to raise her young children as Hannah would have liked.

“She is in the best place she can be. She is at home with God and that is why we are so grateful, ”Fraser said.

“(I’ll raise the kids) just to really be a reflection of her. Bringing the same grace she brought is probably the main goal.

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