Women passengers fight for a seat on a Mumbai metro train

A shocking video showing a group of female passengers fighting for a seat on a Mumbai Metro train has surfaced online.

According to media reports, a heated argument broke out between a woman and a mother-daughter over taking a seat during a train journey. However, it took an ugly turn after they started attacking each other.

A clip of the incident has now gone viral on various social media platforms after it was shared on sharifasayed7’s Instagram page. “Mumbai local train mein seat ko lekar do mahila yatriyon mein hui marpit. Maa beti ne milkar mara ek ladki ko”, is the caption of the video.

In the viral video, three women can be seen punching, slapping and pulling each other’s hair for a seat. Some companions also try to intervene and calm the trio, but in vain.

Watch the video here:

It should be noted here that the Mumbai police arrested a 27-year-old woman for beating up a passenger and a woman police officer who tried to intervene and manage the brawl on the Thane-Panvel train on October 5.

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