Woman shot in passenger bus: Referred from District Hospital to Medical College Jhansi in critical condition, incident due to group dispute

A case of open fire on a 50-year-old woman traveling on a passenger bus was discovered in the Tikamgarh district. The Parvati Mishra woman was traveling to her village of Bijrawan on a bus from Digouda. Along the way, three to four people stopped the bus and shot Parvati twice in the chest. As soon as the accident happened, there was chaos on the bus. As soon as the incident was reported, her family members intervened and immediately took the woman to the district hospital.

shot badly in his mother’s cinema

Rudra Raj Mishra, son of the victim, Parvati, said my mother returned from Digouda on Sunday at 6:30 pm. Along the way, Arvind Singh and his family stopped the bus and shot him. Parvati was shot in the chest and hand during the accident. The woman was taken to the district hospital in serious condition.

After first aid, doctors referred him to Jhansi Medical College. After obtaining information about the incident, the head of the Digoda Police Station, Himanshu Choubey, also visited the scene. He said investigations into the incident are continuing.

The group conflict broke out

Regarding the incident of the shooting of the woman, Mohangarh Tehsildar Janmejay Mishra said the woman was taken to the district hospital in critical condition. Then her statement was recorded along the way. Meanwhile, the woman recounted a discussion about the group. Due to the critical condition of the woman, it was not possible to conduct further interrogations at the moment. Now the whole matter will be traced by the parents and the villagers. Currently, all defendants are believed to be fugitives.

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