Woman hit by bus while trying to cross road in Delhi

Delhi: A woman is reported to have died on the spot as she was mowed down by a bus while trying to cross the road. The incident took place in Karol Bagh area Delhi today.

A woman trying to cross a road was run over by a bus in central Delhi’s Karol Bagh today, NDTV reported.

The scene was also captured by a CCTV camera.

The woman has been identified as Sapna Yadav. She reportedly worked in a call center.

As seen in the video, a bus is stopped on a busy street when the woman moves from its left side to the front of the bus, most likely to cross the road. In the meantime, however, the bus had driven off and she was probably crushed under the wheel. CCTV footage captured the incident from the left and rear of the bus. Therefore, what happened in front of the bus is not on the footage.

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